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In this program you will build the skills you need to become a
Virtual Professional who can do some or all of the following:

Canva graphic designs for social media ~ Email formatting and design ~ Client calendar and email mgt ~ Scheduling and monitoring social media ~ formatting and posting blog articles with graphics ~ Respond in the most helpful ways to customer service messages ~ Build simple processes and systems to keep your client organized ~ Simple branding and design concepts for high quality design (this really sells you!)   ~  Copy editting and proofing  ~ Effective Project Management skills with Trello / Asana   ~ Mastering Google Drive, Dropbox and when to use each   ~  Oh LastPass... yes you too

Training Format

This is an active, hands on, training program that you can work at your own pace.   When you do the work, you shine bright and will be noticed for the available work projects.
Training happens through our member portal,  email and private facebook community in the following ways:

30 Daily Challenges Emailed Straight to Your Inbox
We show you how to do it.  Give you a task.  Then you complete it.  And....... build your portfolio with the results.    (If you don't have experience yet, you need to do these to have a portfolio.   If you do have experience, use these to refine and improve your skills.)
Video Training on Key Virtual Professional Skills
For skills that take more than a hands on exercise each day, we deep dive with screen walk throughs to give you rockstar VA skills.  These are things that make me start paying my VA's more money because they are GOOD at this and become irreplacable.  (Like how to read your client's mind and predict what they need next!)

30 Day Training On Top VA Skills

 Within 30 days (or one weekend if you really want to condense it), you will have a VA portfolio to be envied and when you do it well, prospective clients and work waiting on you.    

When my clients have Virtual Professional needs, our goal is to place someone within 72 hours of the request.  To do this, we need a well trained pool of Virtual Professionals.   This training (and your proactive follow thru) will get you there.   Your responsiveness and drive will place you with high quality clients.
Program Pricing
Self Paced + Extra Resources & Support
30 Days of VA Training on the most sought after skills
Feedback on your new Virtual Professional Portfolio
And when you stand out in the crowd, fast requests for Virtual Work Opportunities
What kind of Virtual Professionals is this training for?
Whether you are new to the field and learning the skills, or have some experience and want to get onto our proven list of Verified Virtual Professionals, there is a place for you here.

All of the following professional skills are highly sought after in the virtual work space right now:
Customer Service
Phone, Email and social media responses with a kind heart and professionalism.
Personal Assistants
Organize calendars, emails, files and all the comes to a busy business owner.
Email / Blog Formatting
Write, edit and / or beautify blogs and emails
Social Media
Create, research and curate content, write copy and schedule and manage all that noise in the social channels.
Graphic Designers
From the basics with Canva to the high end Adobe suites.  Logos, book covers, social media graphics.
Project Managers
Making sure no ball is dropped from beginning to end.
Website Designers
Design and master those tech skills that every business owner dreads
Technology Whiz
Email marketing funnels, sales pages, shopping carts, wordpress, zapiers and all the tech glue that makes business systems run
Stephani Roberts
Boy, do I wish I met Lori before I left my job and struck out on my own. She has given us the keys to staying off the income roller coaster. Having a steady income stream AND a way to create fluid processes in your business is essential. Otherwise, it's a cycle of momentum, inertia, and trying to gain momentum again or accepting work that's not a good fit just to keep the money coming in - I know this well! As I pivot and refocus with my business, I'm excited to implement what I've learned and so grateful to her for creating this program. Do yourself and your family, business, a favor, and jump in!!
Kristi Golden
6 Weeks to Clients gave me the tools and the confidence to step out and start my own business. Lori cuts through the clutter and helps you focus on the tools you have already.

I was inspired and empowered. 6 weeks to Clients helped me focus on how to get from where I am now to where I want to be next month and showed me the way to get there.
JoDitt Williams
I'm amazed at the progress I made during the 6 Weeks to Clients program. When I started I was unclear on how to get clients, or where to even begin to look for freelance jobs, what kind of services or packages to offer, how much to charge, or what clients would be willing to pay for.

At the end of the 6 weeks I had gained my first monthly client, had a "Design Services" page up on my website, was confident in my pricing, had a plan in place for getting new clients, and even learned how to quickly spot scams. 

I also learned how to write a better profile bio (for social media & job boards), how to on-board clients, manage client files, and what to include in a contract. And I was thrilled to discover the best places to search for virtual work, and the best tools and apps to use to communicate more effectively with clients and manage projects.

But the most valuable part of the program was probably the accountability, encouragement, and new friendships. I'm quite sure I would not have made so much progress without these elements. Plus, I loved how Lori went above and beyond in providing so much value, answering all our questions and providing insights about work/life balance. Now I am so excited about the future, and am confident that I can get and serve clients well. 
Laisha Dailey

Lori is a trusted advisor and someone I consider as part of my “inner circle” to help guide me in the process of building my own virtual business. Lori has: 
1) Opened my eyes to the world of virtual work opportunities leveraging my professional skills.
2) Equipped me with resources that help provide momentum and quick wins to build my business, while also establishing simple, scalable processes for long term.
3) Spoken “truth in love” every step of the way!

Her desire is to help professional women like you and me, including help in avoiding some of the pitfalls and landmines that come with being an entrepreneur. Her track record of creating businesses from the ground up (both non-profit and for profit) was already impressive, but the fact that she is sharing the tips and resources from her toolkit…WOW! Ladies, look no further because Lori is the real deal.

Join the Verified Virtual Professional Training Center Now

There's never been more availability of virtual work and (sadly) a lack of responsive, quality virtual professionals.  

When a business owner needs help, they needed it yesterday.  Most often the first responsive and qualified person will get the work because others are too busy (or disorganized?) to even send a proposal.

When I am placing VAs, my goal is to match qualified candidates to qualified opportunities within 72 hours.  Will you be the next match?   

Completing this program, building your portfolio and staying connected to communities like this are the key to finding the right fit for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Does this work for someone who is starting from zero experience?  Yes!  An "experienced" VA these days can have only 3 - 6 months of real world experience.  This training will build you a portfolio of skills rapidly in only 30 days.
What if I don't know what I want to do yet?  With this training, you can try many aspects of virtual professional work and hone in on what is your natural, gifted ability and what you enjoy most.   And sometimes, you just need to start doing one kind of work to get the experience under your belt, and the cash flow, while you build in another area.   It's a fast path to cash for multiple VA skill types.
Will I have a project when this training is over?  While I cannot guarantee that to anyone, I can promise there will be opportunities available to pursue.   Everyday my clients are asking me "Do you know someone who.....?" or their network has a need.   I turn away more work than I take these days and truly want to refer it to a quality network like this.   Those are the hand picked projects that we contact qualified alumni directly to fill.
What is the verification process / assessment?   It's simple.  You will complete a list of Verified Virtual Professional skills that we determine match the hottest needs of the market.  Skills like:  formatting an email / blog post, creating a simple graphic, scheduling social media, sharing files on google drive, organizing information, researching a topic, responding to a difficult customer, etc.    The assessment should take you no more than an hour to complete and will rank you amongst our list of Verified Virtual Professionals in a variety of criteria areas.
What if I fail the assessment?   There is no failing.  Only a rating.  If you rate low, retake some of the training and try again!
I'm already a VA / Graphic Designer / Virtual Professional of some sort.  Will I be able to use this simply to get new clients?   Yes!  We can fast track you to the assessment if you can demonstrate your experiences through our special application process.  All program fees remain the same.   We are eager to begin to feature Verified Virtual Professionals.
How much time will this take?   Like all busy working moms, we suggest you carve out intentional time to do this well.  It could be daily or you could batch the work into blocks a couple hours a week.   Daily training tasks will range from 10 - 30 minutes depending on your proficiency.  Like any training, you get out of it what you put into it.
Can I do this while working a day job?   Yes!  We all started our businesses on the side.   This kind of training is the perfect kick start and motivation to get you to your lunch break each day and invest in YOU.
How does this build my portfolio?   The daily training and tasks we will assign are real world virtual tasks and projects.   We designed them to be as true to life as possible so you can have a genuine virtual work experience and build a portfolio of completed projects as a result.  We encourage you (and will show you how) to showcase the assignments completed in this training as a portfolio of your experiences and talents.  It's a great way to feature your skills as a Virtual Professional.